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April 2024

Empowering Families

LIfe's River empowers families on their journey out of homelessness, providing a pathway to financial independence and a stable home. By offering families rent- and utility-free living space alongside a comprehensive suite of uplifting services and support, we furnish them with the essential tools needed to achieve lasting success.

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We are FOR
Franklin County

Situated in Washington, Missouri, Life's River is dedicated to serving families in Franklin County. We believe by uniting as a community and harnessing the inherent strengths of Franklin County, we can offer struggling families the support needed to regain housing stability and self-sufficiency. In doing so, we contribute to the collective resilience and prosperity of our community.


Rural areas have experienced a greater increase in homelessness among families with children than their urban counterparts. Yet there are relatively few to no options for these families.  Life's River is changing that with a tested solution.

Happy Family


Our impact grows with community support. Explore ways to get involved in fostering family success. 


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