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Life's River Residency Program

Through Life's River residency program, families recieve rent- and utility-free housing combined with a comprehensive array of support services to help you reclaim your life situation.  Participants must agree to follow our program guidelines, work towards program goals, find and maintain employment, attend life skills classes, participate in community living, and follow a strict budget plan.   

Program Qualifcations

  • Must be a family with minor children

  • Cannot be on the Sex Offender Registry

  • Must be willing to agree to a background check 

  • No active substance abuse or addiction

  • Ready to participate in a challenging program that demands self-discipline and personal growth

Our residential space is currently under construction with an anticipated completion date in April 2024.  By joining the waiting list, you secure your spot in line for consideration upon our opening.  We recognize the urgency of your situation and assure you that we will contact you promptly once a firm opening date is established.

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