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How It Works

When you participate by giving at any level financially before we officially open, your name will be engraved on an artistic rendering of a tamarisk tree that will be displayed in our entryway foyer.  This is a participation campaign.  We want to get as many people and organizations in our community to participate as possible.  Why?  It's a demonstration to the moms and dads who are struggling to keep a roof over their children's heads that they are not alone and that there is hope for a better future.  

Tamarisk Trees

In the arid desert climate of the Middle East, tamarisk trees were known in antiquity for proving shade, shelter, and rest before continuing on one's journey.  Though they were even more well known for their slow growth.  They were so slow growing that it was understood you planted tamarisk trees not for your own benefit, but for that of the generations to come.  We believe Life's River will provide the shade, shelter and rest for families as we equip and empower them on their journey out of homelessness and towards a more secure future.  But it will take a community standing together planting the seeds for that better tomorrow.


We invite you to participate in this limited, unique opportunity to invest at the ground level and do something significant.

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