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Life’s River is working to alleviate housing insecurity in Franklin County. We provide a safe residential space for families experiencing housing crisis and support them with the care and resources they need to achieve lasting financial and housing stability. 


Situated in Washington, MO, our 7,200 sq. ft. residential building is expected to be completed in April of 2024.  We have prioritized creating a space that is not only safe, but actively fosters growth, providing a setting for families to embark on a journey towards wholeness and enduring positive change.    


Upon being accepted to our program, each family will be thoughtfully paired with one of our dedicated case managers. Together they will create a custom-tailored plan with well-defined goals.  Through working with our partners, plans may include financial education and planning, budgeting, debt-management, life skills, counseling, legal aid, and educational and career advancement.  


Upon graduating our program, each family will be paired with a mentor family who will work in conjunction with our case managers to monitor their progress for the next 12 months and cheer them on in their continued journey to lasting success.  

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