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Building A Firm Foundation

As our building nears completion and the floors are being installed, we took a moment to infuse it with prayers and verses from the ancient Scriptures. We wrote these prayers and verses on our subflooring, and while covered, they remain just beneath the surface, symbolizing our commitment to embedding spiritual strength into the very foundation of our space. This act symbolizes our commitment to creating an environment of hope and healing. While our program does not impose religious requirements, we believe in reflecting the love of Jesus in everything we do. We hold the conviction that everyone, irrespective of where they are on their life journey, deserves to experience the same love and respect that Jesus demonstrated during his time on earth.

Among the many powerful prayers and verses we incorporated, one of our favorites is the priestly blessing from Numbers 6:24-26. This blessing now adorns the subflooring of our daily entryway, serving as a constant prayer for residents entering or leaving the building. Rooted in history, this blessing has been traditionally pronounced over God’s people as they depart from collective gatherings, affirming that they depart not alone, but with the divine presence and protection of God. It's a prayer seeking prosperous advancement, protection, grace, the hearing of one's deepest needs, and wholeness. This encapsulates our heartfelt desire for every family we serve.

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