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Building a Nourishing Kitchen at Life's River

With our kitchen nearing completion, we're reminded of the profound significance of this space in every household. Kitchens are more than just rooms; they're places of community, connection, and cherished memories. They're where families come together to cook, bake, and share meals, fostering bonds that last a lifetime. At Life’s River, our kitchen will embody all of this and more.


Food constitutes a significant portion of household spending, often ranking alongside housing and transportation as one of the "BIG 3" expenses. For families in the lowest income bracket, food can consume nearly a third of their income, highlighting its crucial role in budgeting and financial stability.

The current surge in food prices, reminiscent of the inflationary pressures of the late 1970s, further underscores the importance of addressing food insecurity and promoting healthy eating habits. Staple items like eggs have seen alarming price hikes, rising by as much as 89% in a single year.


With this in mind, our kitchen at Life’s River will serve as more than just a place to prepare meals; it will be a hub for empowering families with essential life skills. From meal planning and budgeting to learning about clean and healthy eating on a budget, we're committed to equipping our residents with the knowledge they need to thrive.


Thanks to the generosity of our partners and donors, we've already secured hydroponics for year-round green cultivation. Additionally, we're pursuing a grant to establish a self-reliant garden, providing not only nutritious food for our residents, but also valuable lessons in the art of homesteading and cost-effective strategies for growing in their own yards, of any size, once they are back on their feet.


But we need your help to fully furnish our kitchen with essential tools and equipment. By investing in our kitchen, you're investing in the future of families and the timeless traditions of gathering around the table and savoring the aroma of freshly baked food.


You can support us by visiting our Amazon gift list to find needed items or by donating directly to our kitchen fund through our donation page.


Thank you for being part of the Life’s River story and extending a helping hand to those in need in our community.

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